Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What you love or how you live?

Another blog has been called to my attention that says you shouldn't bother trying to get paid to "do what you love" since those are the things you are going to do no matter what. Instead you should do what fits you so that you can go make some money and allow yourself to do what you love. I'm not sure I buy that concept. If your job is just what allows you to live so you can go do the things you enjoy once you are done working, doesn't that breed contempt for your employment as taking away from your time spent living? It seems to me that in order to keep yourself from despising your time spent contributing to society and supporting yourself and your family, you need to find the job that you can wake up enthused about in the morning.

Some people might be very good at certain jobs that totally play to their strengths. They might be a wonderful fit for a position skill-wise, but at the same time it grates on them like fingernails on a chalk board. My last position was repetitive motion manual labor. I'd like to say I was good at it. I knew the ins and outs of the behind the scenes details as well as having a bit of a mastery of the skills involved with the actual position, however it left me bored. There wasn't room for problem solving. There wasn't much social interaction. This was a job that left me ample time to head home and spend time with my family and even pour some extra time into my hobbies (whatever they happened to be at the time). The problem was it didn't speak to me. It didn't move me. It didn't inspire me. I would wake up each morning feeling frustration that I was hog-tied to something that I did not enjoy in the least. Did it provide? Yes, however I couldn't follow this other bloggers opinion and just work to allow myself time to live because every second I spent in such a position I felt was a second squandered to meaningless existence.

What about it? Am I setting unrealistic expectations? Is it possible to love your job? What about the conflicting phrase of "if you want to learn to hate your hobby, get a job doing it"? These questions are going to take more puzzlement on my part before I can begin to answer them, if they even have answers at all.

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